Al Ittihad Private School, Abu Dhabi

Girls High School

The girls’ high school includes various sections of grades seven through ten; aiming at increasing the number of sections and students rolex replica watches and at opening new classes as well. Currently, this section includes seven classes:

• Two sections of grade seven
• Two section of grade eight
• Two section of grade nine
• One section of fake watches grade ten
• One Section of Grade Eleven
• One Section of Grade Twelve 
Girls in our school receive premium education in the different subject matters as well as exceptional advisory attention Replica Zenith Watches and assistance. Besides, Student Council at Al-Ittihad National Private School, Abu Dhabi recognizes that student decision-making is an important part of the educational program. It encourages students to become more involved in the life of their school and community by:
• Abiding by the guidelines and principles of Islam in all what is learned and done.

• Providing enough opportunities to freely express opinions which directly impact students.
• Enabling students to participate in the process of democratically selecting leaders top rolex replica and accepting responsibility of leadership.
• Allowing students to be involved in a variety of constructive, educational activities through the ASL (Al-Ittihad Student Life).
• Participating in fake rolex watches and managing the school’s Cooperative Society Project. 

We should not forget here that Al-Ittihad hosts a number of major events during the school year including the National Day Celebration, Talent Week, Future Entrepreneur, Sports Day, Book Fair, as well as competitions. The Student Council and the Cooperative Society sponsors some events. Co-curricular activities and after-school groups also plan replica watches for men and sponsor events throughout the year.