Al Ittihad Private School, Abu Dhabi



Welcome to Al Ittihad National Private School Primary Section-Abu Dhabi Campus.

Our vision is to develop a generation that adapts to its future and preserves its heritage. Our school aims at providing equal chances of education replica watches and learning for all students of different levels. Students have the right to receive appropriate opportunities to develop in a rich learning environment that allows them to mature socially, cognitively and academically.

School Timing
Our school timing is from 7:30am -2:35 pm. Students are expected to arrive to school at 7:30 am. Classes start at 8:00 am. Students should come to school wearing their school uniform. A good sleep and a healthy breakfast will help your child to have a smooth and joyful day at school. We request that parents call the school before 8:00 o’clock in case of a child’s absence. When students are dismissed at 2:35, parents, drivers and nannies should come to classrooms to pick up their children.

Curriculum and Assessment
At Al Ittihad School, we follow the American curriculum which has been approved by the Ministry of Education. We teach the Harcourt scheme in English, Math and Science. The Arabic subjects follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. To apply these programs, the school hires highly qualified teachers who are updated replica rolex watches and trained to apply the latest educational methods and techniques in a multi-leveled class.
In Grades 1-4, continuous assessments take place daily, weekly and monthly. Three Progress Reports are sent home at the end of each term. Student’s progress in school can be discussed with teachers on daily, weekly, and monthly basis .In addition two Parents/Teachers meetings take place during the school year where parents can discuss and inquire about the improvement of their son/daughter.

Communication with school
Children benefit when there is positive and meaningful two-way communication between home high quality replica watches and school.
To communicate with school, parents can call, come for a scheduled meeting or e-mail the school. In addition, the parents can also communicate with the teachers through the student’s Diary. Communication between parents and school is very important for the development of the student’s academic and social performance

The School Facilities
The school is well equipped with rich facilities that help students in acquiring the skills needed for performing well. The School has three computer labs, a language lab and a media center. Also we have a big library, two swimming pools, two Science labs, two Art rooms, two students’ social council clubs, an outdoor stage swiss fake rolex and an indoor stage, two students’ Co-op centers, two prayer rooms and a clinic. Our classrooms are spacious and class size varies from 20 to 25 students.

Physical Education, Art and Computer
Al Ittihad School provides instruction in, and opportunities for, the use of technology as an replica omega watches essential part of every child's preparation for the future. All classes are equipped with Data show projectors and computers. Three computer labs are very well equipped with a computer for each student.

A big gym, two swimming pools, Replica Baume & Mercier Watches and two big green fields provide the students with a spacious area to exercise, have fun and build a well-balanced body.

In addition, our school encourages students to explore their artistic talents and potentials. Two big Art rooms are provided for students to enjoy their individual interests. There is the possibility to work with painting and drawing as well as other art material.

Function and Activities
Fieldtrips and activities play an important role in the school life of our students. Educational and fun fieldtrips take place during the school year. Hands on activities take place every month depending on the topic the students are studying.

The school functions play a major role in developing the academic and the social life of the students. Some of the school functions are The Reading Week, The Talent Week, The Future Entrepreneur Festival, The Book Fair, The Science Fair, The Quran Competition Week, The Arabic Week, KG Graduation, Grade 6 Graduation and Grades 1-4 End of Year Function. Parents’ involvement roex replica and cooperation in those functions make them more successful and enjoyable for everybody; the students, the administration and the school staff.

The Morning Assembly is an activity that develops the cognitive, the academic and the social aspects of our students’ lives. The Morning Assembly takes place every morning from 7:30 – 8:00 o’clock. Its program presents the weekly topics that the students learn about, the values that they should know, or news the students should be aware of.

Motivation and Rewards
Rewarding students for their performance has a great effect in motivating them to put more effort into their work. In our school we have a Discipline Plan that is based on rewards and penalty. When students follow the school rules, they are rewarded and when school rules are broken the school follows precise consequences that take away certain privileges. In each grade level there is a reward system that teachers use to motivate students to achieve better, fake watches to feel proud of their work and to compete in a dynamic learning environment. Parents support in implementing the School’s Discipline plan has an effective role in developing well behaved and responsible citizens.

Illness and Medication
When students get sick, the parents should report to school nurse for any medical case or medication to be given. The medication sent with the student to the nurse should have the student’s name on and clear instructions. A medical excuse or a medical report should be submitted in case a student is absent from school for more than two days. In case of contagious allergies or flu (Chicken Pox / Flu) parents are kindly requested to keep their kids at home.

Staying Healthy
Children need healthy food for energy, brain function, growth and development. Parents are kindly requested to send healthy food fake rolex and snacks with their kids. A healthy snack consists of vegetables, fruits, dairy products and sandwiches. Chocolate, chewing gum, lollipops, chips, noodles, and rice are not allowed in school and we encourage parents not to buy them for their kids.

Birthday parties, toys and jewelry are also not allowed .Parents are requested not to send cakes or party favorites to school with their son/daughter.

Lost and Found
To avoid losing your son’s/ daughter’s personal things such as a jacket, a swim suit, a pencil case etc., the parents are requested to label their kids’ belongings. If the items are found unlabeled, they’ll be left in a box in the Lost and Found Area.

How can parents help?

  • Get involved in the school. Attend your child's special events and know their schedules. Get to know their school life and don't hesitate to volunteer for the many activities that need parental support. Most importantly teach your children to appreciate their time in school Replica Audemars Piguet Watches and to take responsibility for their work. Teach them to love reading and get to know their teachers. Parents make a difference when it comes to    student’s learning, motivation and choices in life.  
  •  Parents are encouraged to check their son’s/ daughter’s diary on daily basis and help them in doing their homework consistently.
  • Parents are asked to help the school in implementing the school’s Discipline plan. Your cooperation with the school helps your children in maintaining a good conduct that helps them become good citizens in the society.
  • Communication with school is very important and we highly appreciate and encourage it. Attending weekly fake rolex watches sale and term meetings are important. Those meetings keep the parents updated about their son’s/daughter’s performance in school.
  •  When parents change their address or their phone numbers, they are kindly requested to inform the school administration or the registrar’s office.